Artistic Director

Twin Cities, Minnesota
Type of Position: 
Application Deadline: 
Monday, May 31, 2021

Position Function

  • Directs Kantorei to achieve the choir’s artistic mission to share our passion for lifelong singing and allow our voices to express the essence of music
  • Assures that Kantorei remains artistically elite and vocally sound while restructuring the business model to sustain long-term viability
  • Plans and conducts rehearsals to assure the singers’ readiness for concerts, such as:
    • Kantorei’s own concert season (traditionally running from September to May with 3 different programs and 6-8 performances)
    • Collaborative events with other professional choirs or orchestras
    • Any other opportunities to share music and educate others
  • Continually improves the vocal and artistic/expressive level of singers
  • Enables singers to achieve their vocal, musical, expressive potential by creating non-threatening environments that allows singers to thrive as individuals


Responsibilities: Administrative

  • Member of Artistic Committee (to be created)
  • Member (ex officio, non-voting) of Kantorei Board
  • Together with the Executive Director, drives the overall marketing strategy to create a sustainable business model, including leveraging of social media channels to create a vibrant virtual audience that complements live, in-person performances
  • Conducts interviews to represent Kantorei in print, radio, TV and internet social media
  • Represents Kantorei at fundraising events and visits with donors and prospects


Responsibilities: Artistic

  • With input from section leaders and artistic committee:
    • Develops programmatic themes and ideas for the season
    • Suggests/selects repertoire appropriate for each concert program (e.g., Advent, benefit gala, ensemble, and springtime concerts at a minimum) from the Kantorei library and other sources
  • In cooperation, and support from, section leaders, develops and enforces artistic policies and procedures:
    • Rehearsal preparation procedures
      • Sectionals when necessary
      • Practice aids for singers
      • Weekly rehearsal structure/sequence and prep expectations to singers
    • Attendance policies
    • Auditions
      • Re-audition or listening sessions for returning singers, as needed
      • Auditions for new singers to field a balanced 32-40 singer ensemble
  • Directs weekly rehearsals as scheduled
  • Assists in selecting new performance venues and verifies their suitability
  • Serves as chief artistic liaison to:
    • Other choral ensembles for collaborations
    • Instrumentalists as needed for concert accompaniment
    • Schools for educational outreach programs
  • Conducts Kantorei concerts
  • Conducts Kantorei when collaborating with guest ensembles as required
  • Appoints Section Leaders
  • Suggests timing and submits budget to Board to produce recordings for re-sale



  • Experienced as both an a cappella choral conductor and voice teacher, with a strong understanding of, and appreciation for, Kantorei’s vocal philosophy, including Alexander Technique, “bodymind” and voice relationships
  • Holds an advanced degree or equivalent experience in choral conducting, with DMA preferred
  • Has experience engaging and conducting instrumental ensembles
  • Demonstrates excellent musical and intonation skills
  • Demonstrates excellent leadership and communication skills
  • Proficient keyboard skills
  • Possesses strong connections within the Minnesota choral and arts communities, and exhibits strong relationship-building skills
  • Familiarity with marketing and promotion through social media channels
  • Ideally has access to an extensive choral library suitable for use by Kantorei


Term of Office

  • Two-year contract beginning in September and ending after the August of the second year, with subsequent multi-year extensions at the discretion of the Board
  • Reports to the Board
  • Assists in recruiting a talented successor


Compensation and Benefits: 

Base and Performance-driven Compensation Plan:

  1. Stipend funded by concert revenue and donations (paid out in December & May)
  2. Bonus if concert revenue exceeds costs for the year (paid out in August)
  3. Percentage of revenue from sales of new recordings once production costs covered

Opportunity to lead one of Minnesota’s premier choral ensembles to prominence, while creating exceptional art for the community


Springboard to expand connections within the Minnesota arts community

Application Procedure: 

Send a copy of your CV, a summary of how your qualifications uniquely fit the position, and links to any videos of rehearsals and performances to by May 31, 2021. Background information on Kantorei can be found on our website:

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